First Joint Activity GIZ-AJP

AJP joined forces with GIZ, the implementing agency of German Development Cooperation that implements development cooperation projects all over the world. The Cooperation was set up with the Sustainable Regional Economic Growth and Investment Programme (SREGIP), a German-Indonesian Cooperation projects that works on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.


The project between GIZ and AJP was established between Ms. Selvi (SST) and Ms. Lisa (GIZ) while attending a farmers’ conference, which was organized by SREGIP in Pontianak. After discussing the goals and activities it was determined that AJP wants to source directly from farmers in West-Kalimantan.


First joint activity of the AJP-GIZ cooperation was a joint field visit in April 2017 to meet all the farmer groups that have been established over the years by GIZ and SREGIP. The farmers use SAN principles to grow white and black pepper.

The white pepper in West-Kalimantan is referred as S1 White Pepper. The harvest will start around May/June this year and farmers are excited to sell their pepper directly to PT. Aman Jaya Perdana. The region of West-Kalimantan provides a lot of opportunities for growth.


For more information about the project from SREGIP and GIZ please have a look at their websites: